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September 27, 2012 at 10:22 PM

iPhone 5 touch sensitivity problems?

Now that I’ve had a day to use my new iPhone 5, I’ve ran into an oddity. The screen touch sensitivity on the keyboard seems to be less than that on previous iPhones. Specifically around the Q and P key. It’s not terribly insensitive, its just noticeable coming from an older iPhone. What could this be caused by?

Apple is now using in-cell technology in the touch panel, which is the first time it has been used in any phone, so with any new technology, there will be issues and bugs. It’s possible that the in-cell technology is what is causing the decreased screen sensitivity. I am not the only one having this problem, Aaron Baker from PhoneDog is one notable person who is also noticing the decreased sensitivity. He also had one other glitch that a few others have been having.

Some people are noticing static lines across the keyboard. I have personally not run into this problem, but it is out there. 

Is this a software issue or part of the new in-cell technology? Apple has not said anything about the issues, but it is rumored that they have an iOS 6 patch in the works, so maybe we will see these issues dissapear.

To our fans who own the iPhone 5, do you notice any decreased sensitivity or is it just a select few number of phones which are having the problem? Have you seen the static lines on the keyboard? Let us know.


  • Aclckc

    I have an iPhone 4 and iOS 6 made the touch screen Much Less sensitive. It’s difficult moving slider switches On/Off.

  • Magnus Oian

    Tested an iPhone 5 at my local store, and the iPhone 5 was less sensitive on letters that you. I tested it against the iPhone 4s and it was noticable difference. However the iPhone 4S was running ios 5. Hope this will be fixed.

  • Magnus Oian

    *letters on the side of the keyboard

  • Miller1996

    i just got my iphone 5 yesterday, the sensativity is way off, my iphone 4 was alot better and more responsive, i hope they fix this issue fast

  • Xavi

    I have got a ipod touch 5 with ios6 and have the same problem. The old touch 4 was more sensitive. 

  • Notoriousted2

    I’ve been having deceased sensitivity About half an inch from the top of the screen, about there the search bar shows up on safari. Is this common?

  • guest1234743

    on the top portion of the screen I’m definitely noticing decreased sensitivity compared to the rest of the screen.


    Got phone oct. Just tried a stylus. Have to press twice as hard. Finger pressure required is normal.

  • Irvin

    While charging with a charger, the screen becomes unresponsive if I move my finger too fast, this is particularly annoying while playing games.

    It can be tested by holding down an app icon until it wiggles then try to move that icon rapidly around the screen. If the phone is on charger the icon will return to its original position shortly, much like you took your finger off the screen.

    This problem doesn’t occur when not charging or when plugged into a pc instead.

    • Andy Kaufman

      I wonder how much or how often iOS is checking to make sure you are using a Lightning approved charging cord?

  • Note To Congress

    I see the problem on the upper part of the screen.. I have tried blowing hot breath on it and that seems to help. Very bad on some apps, depending where the buttons are.

  • Linda Denby Bowen

    I just got my iPhone 5 a couple of days ago, and the sensitivity is way off at the very top of the screen (where the search bar is for Safari and the status bar is for Facebook) and the far right side of the screen. Really annoying.

  • Immu

    I believe at times the sensitivity of the whole screen I mean the response is pretty slow or it doesn’t respond but on a whole the phone is pretty gud and I love it!!!!!!!!!.