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December 23, 2011 at 3:11 PM

Recalibrate The iPhone Home Button

Recalibrate The iPhone Home Button

The iPhone home button in my experience has alway been durable though I felt the 3GS model was hard to press compared to other models. I have never had any problems though have had people that frequent our AT&T Fan Page or AT&T corporate Facebook page bring this up over the years. I contributed this to wear and tear of its constant use over the life of the device. I have now learned that the Home button can be recalibrated and this could solve many peoples malfunctions with the Home button. Follow my instructions below!

1. Navigate to and launch one of the stock applications on your iPhone. Stock applications are essentially any app that comes preloaded on your iPhone with iOS 5 like, Settings, Weather, YouTube, Stocks, Photos etc.

2. So lets use the Photos app for the demonstration. After launching the Photos app, press and hold the Power button located at the top of the iPhone until the “slide to power off” appears, then let go.

3.  Now press and hold the iPhone Home button located below the screen at the bottom of your iPhone. Keep the Home button pressed until the “slide to power off” slider disappears and the Photos application quits, sending you back to your home screen .

4. Presto! Your Home button is now re-calibrated and should be more responsive for you.